The Japan Association for Management Systems published the first issue of International Journal of Japan Association for Management Systems(IJAMS) in 2009 as a result of the international conference(JAMS/JAIMS ICBI2008) which was held in 2008.  There were a lot of papers submitted to this issue and we recognized the necessity of international publication of research papers; therefore, we approved the regular publication of IJAMS.  We aim to publish our annual research results about new techniques, theories and concepts in Management Systems internationally. Papers are reviewed by two or more referees in the same way our Japanese journal.  Guidelines are posted on JAMS Website.


  1. Manuscript
    Submission of a manuscript is considered on the understanding that it contains original unpublished work and has not been submitted for publication elsewhere. Only electronically submitted manuscript is accepted. Send a source file and a PDF file by email to
    We prepared samples for Microsoft Word and LaTeX2e.
    Manuscript must be in English. The standard is 6 pages in length, including figures, tables and references.
  2. Page Style
    • Paper size: A4 format
    • Paper formatting: Double-column, single-spaced, 10pt Times New Roman font.
    • If you include figures, the resolutions should be as high as possible.
  3. Page charge
    Submission Fee of 15,000 yen must be paid by authors for the publication of their papers regardless of JAMS membership status. Reprints are available on request (30,000 yen per 100 reprints, postage not included).
  4. Copyright
    The Japan Association for Management Systems holds the copyright for all materials that it publishes.


  1. Guideline for Microsoft Word: ijams_guideline_for_word.docx
  2. Guideline for LaTeX2e:


Editorial Board of IJAMS
Editor in Chief:Hiroaki Itakura
(Advanced Institute Of Industrial technology)