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Saturday July 8, 2000


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Sunday July 9, 2000

8:00-9:00am &


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Monday July 10, 2000

(All Activities take place in the Granship unless otherwise noted)







Rm 901

Session 1: Alliances

(Session Co-Chairs: Kenichi Enatsu, Waseda University & Alan Glassman, California

State University-Northridge)

Ching Horng, National Chung Cheng University & Fenghueih Huarng, National Chung Cheng

University: Network Alliance or Self-reliance? An Empirical Test of a Holistic Model

in the Context of TWM Adoption by Hospitals in Taiwan

Yasuo Hoshino, University of Tsukuba & Cristain Vega-Cespedes, University of Tsukuba:

Effects of Ownership and Internalization Advantages on Performance: The

Case of Japanese Subsidiaries in the United States and Latin America

Daewoo Park, Xavier University & Hema Krishnan, Xavier University: Understanding

Supplier Selection Practices: Differences between Japanese and Korean Executives

Peggy K. Takahashi, University of San Francisco: Diversification and Industry: Effects on the

Use of Kankei-gaisha

Discussant: Nikolai Wasilewski, Pepperdine University

Rm 902

Session 2: Historical Trends in Organizational Theory

(Session Co-Chair: Yasuo Okamoto, Bunkyo Women's University)

Akira Tomioka, Tokyo University of Information Sciences: A New Management

Paradigm for the 21st Century: Learning from the Way of Life During the Jomon Period

Mitsuya Saeki, Sanno College: Comparative Studies on USA &

Japanese Management Effectiveness

Dr. Steven V. Cates, Keystone Foods, Inc.: A Historical Perspective of Mill Towns in

America from Past to Present

Emiko Magoshi, Tokyo Junshin Women's College: Revisiting Japanese

Organization Theories

Discussant: Christine Erickson, Howard University

RM 903

Session 3: Perceptions in Cross-Cultural Management

(Session Co-Chairs: Noritake Kobayashi, Shukutuku University (Keio Univ.) & Maggie

Phillips, Pepperdine University)

Mantaka Kanayama, Yokohama Soei College: Cross Cultural Management

International Negotiations-Sino/Japanese Negotiations in China

Efrat Elron,The Hebrew University, Boas Shamir, The Hebrew University & Eyal Ben-Ari,

The Hebrew University: Cultural Diversity and Organizational Unity: The Case of

The Multinational Peacekeeping Forces

Zhan Li, University of San Francisco & Bill Murray, University of San Francisco: Images of

Japan Versus USA and Their Products: The Perspective of Chinese Consumers

Mark Mallinger, Pepperdine University: Borrowing from Learning Organization Principles:

Implications for Teaching Cross-Cultural Management

M. Kamil Kozan: Subcultures and Conflict Management Style

RM 904

Session 4: Business Consulting Issues in Japan

(Session Co-Chairs: Tsuneo Leo Onozaki, Ryutsu Keizai University & Michael Bedell,

California State University-Bakersfield)

Masao Kuma, Tsukuba College of Technology: Business Process Consulting-

The Pulling Force of System Development in the Small Companies in Japan for the

21st Century

Koichiro Fujimoto, Josai University & Shinichiro Sakamoto, Miyagi University:

The Management Problem Pursuit Procedure of the Hospital Which the Local Government

in Japan Using the View Point of a Cash Flow Analysis

Shinichiro Sakamoto, Miyagi University, Koichiro Fujimoto, Jasai University,

Masao Kawamura, Densho & Kazuhito Akasaka, Densho: The Development

of Medical Information System for Cost Control- The Attempt of the Cost Accounting

Method Introduction in Hospital Management

Discussant: Tony Bovaird, Aston University

RM 905

Symposium 1: Non-traditional Perspectives in Organization Change

(Session Chair: Tadashi Mito, Chukyo University)

Brian Bainbridge, Roundtable: The Applicability of Change Cycles

From Experience in Catholic Parishes to Other-Than Parish Organizations

Motomasa Murayama, Tokiwa University: Business and Spirituality

Akira Kaneko, Tenri University: Labor Ethics and Management Philosophy of Tenrikyo

10:15am-11:45 am

RM 901

Session 5: Change in Japanese Companies

(Session Co-Chairs: Judith White, San Jose State & Kenichi Enatsu, Waseda University)

Witold Hensiz, The Wharton School & Andrew Delios, Hong Kong University of Science &

Management: Organizational and Environmental Determinants of Foreign Market Strategies

Across Time: The Experience of Japanese Multinational Corporations 1987-97

Yoshiaki Hanaoka, Waseda University: Information Technology and Organization

Design in Japanese Retailing Industry (1980-1997)

Ren-Jye Liu, Tunghai University, Taiwan: A Study of Japanese Affiliated Firms in

Taiwan: Development and Changes

Randall DuPont, University of Mobile: Downsizing in Japan: Will it Work?

Discussant: John Cullen, Washington State University

RM 902

Session 6: Revisiting Management Classics

(Session Co-Chairs: Tadashi Mito, Chukyo University & Steven Cates, Keystone Foods)

Alfred Bolton, Averett College, Regina A. Greenwood, Kettering University, Julie K. Teahen,

Baker College & Randall Dupont, University of Mobile: The Hawthorne Studies: Searching for

the Japanese Professor from Tokyo

Alfred Bolton,Averett College: The Hawthorne Studies

Jan Hansen,University of Nebraska & Ernie Stark, Bellevue University: Hofstede's

Hegemony: Time For a Change

Tokihiko Enomoto, Hyogo University: As to the Problem of "An Alternative to

Hierarchy or an Utopia Ideology?" of Theories of M. P. Follet

Discussant: Bruce Drake, University of Portland

RM 903

Session 7: Organization - Employee Linkages in the 21st Century

(Session Co-Chairs: Hajime Sakai, Aomorichuogakuin University & John Saee, University

of Western Sydney, Hawkesbury)

Tomoko Kinebuchi, Josai University Junior College for Women: The Age of the

Depersonalized Individual: A Look into the Near Future

Edward H. Hernandez, (Peter) Ping Li, & Alfred R. Petrosky, California State

University-Stanislaus: The Link Between Outcome Favorability and Organizational Commitment

in the Context of Mergers and Acquisitions

S. Arzu Wasti, Sabanci University: Job or Bob? Differing Sources of Organizational

Commitment Across Cultures

Lim Lrong, Kagawa University: Stability and Change in Malaysian and Japanese Work-related


Discussant: Nancy Napier, Boise State University

RM 905

Session 8: Regional Development I

(Session Co-Chairs: Morimoto Mitsuo, Hakuho University & Lawrence Rhyne, San Diego

State University)

Tomoji Ichinose, International Christian University: Urban & Regional Management in

21st Century

Richard W. Moore: What Can Management Educators Contribute to Helping

the Poorest of the Poor?

Christine J. Erickson (Dara) & Masoud Kavoossi, Howard University: Telecommunications

Privatization and Strategy in the Middle East

Hajime Asada, Shizuoka Sangyo University: Asian Economic Development:

Direct Investment, Financial Policies & Market Development

Discussant: Mohammad Saeed, International Islamic University

RM 904

Session 19: HR Development & Organizational Design

(Session Co-Chairs: Dr. Hiroshi Yamashita, Meiji University & Warren Brown, University

of Oregon)

Aki Nakanishi, The Sanno Institute of Management: Learning Organization in Action

Hirohisa Koshizuka, Sanno Institute of Management & Hiromasa Tanaka, Sanno

Institute of Management: Strategic Development of Human Resource Management

in Japanese Firms: The Status Quo and the Direction of Human Resource Policy

Forming the Core of Human Resource Strategy.

Toyokazu Nose, Osaka Institute of Technology & Sennosuke Kuriyama, Setsunan University:

Hybrid Analysis & Design of Business Process in Hierarchy Management System

Hoon Park, University of Central Florida & Yongsun Paik, Loyola Marymount University:

Impact of National Culture on Technology Transfer

Discussant: (Peter) Ping Li, California State University-Stanislaus

RM 907

Session 25: System Design on Management Systems

(Session Chairs: Masanobu Matsumaru, Tokai University & Alfred A. Bolton, Averett


Masaaki Harada, Sanno College & Masayasu Tanaka, Science University of Tokyo: A Study

on Customer - Oriented Pricing

Toru Furuya, Weseda University & Minoru Tokita, Waseda University: Fusing Brand

Management: A Study on the Integration of Business Strategy and Branding Decision

Hitoshi Nagasaki, Waseda University & Motoei Azuma, Waseda University: Development

of Adaptive User Interface Systems

Tomonori Nishikawa, Toyohashi Sozo University & Masafumi Imai, Toyohashi

Sozo University: Mutual Communication in Organization and in Self-Organization

Regarding Autonomous Agent Systems

RM 908

Session 22: Designing Strategies Using Management Resources Effectively

(Session Co-Chairs : Yoshio Ikeda, Aichi Institute of Technology & Jim Spee,

University of Redlands)

Yukiyo Ikeda, Hokkaido University: The New Type of Leadership in the 21st Century-

From the point of view of the brand management -

Kumiko Yokoi, Sanno College: Strategic Behaviors of Enterprises Whose Goal is

Not Maximizing Profits

Nobutoshi Hatanaka, Canon Inc.: A research on Acquiring Core Competence for

Strategic Management by the Policy, Which is applied to TQM

Discussant: Dong Jung, California State University, San Diego


Lunch (on your own)


Special program for Spouses and Travel Companions-Hotel Century Lobby


Keynote Address: Glen Fukushima: President, Arthur D. Little,Japan, and Former President,

American Chamber of Commerece, Japan ( Kaze Conference Room, 11th Floor Granship)


Panel Discussion: U.S. and Japan Businessmen Discuss the Future of Shizuoka and Japan

(Kaze Conference Room, 11th Floor Granship)


Phil Borden: Lecture (Kaze Conference Room, 11th Floor Granship)


Gala Party, Granship (10th Floor Conference Room)


Last Session in Executive Lounge, Hotel Century



Tuesday July 11, 2000

8:00am-12:00 noon


8:00 am-9:30am

RM 904

Workshop 1: Maggie Phillips, Pepperdine University,& Jennifer Roney, Pepperdine

University: Going International With Cases That Work A Workshop on Internation-

alizing Existing Cases

RM 901

Session 9: Globalization and Networking of R&D by MNCs

(Session Co-Chairs: Lawrence Rhyne, San Diego State University & Manuel Serapio,

University of Colorado-Denver)

Takabumi Hayashi, Rikkyo University: Globalization and Networking of R&D by 20

Electronics MNCS

Jorge Niosi, University of Quebec, Canada: Canadian R&D Abroad Management


Donald Dalton, U.S. Department of Commerce: Globalizing Industrial R&D-Centering

on Foreign R&D Activity in the US

Kazuhiro Asakawa, Keio University: External-internal Linkages and Overseas

Autonomy-Control Tension

Hiroo Takahashi, Hakuho University: Foreign R&D Activity of the Japanese MNCs

Discussant: Steven Si, Concordia University

RM 902

Session 10: Strategy: The Industry Contest

(Session Co-Chair: Haruo Murata, Momoyama Gakuin University)

Kuniko Mochimaru, Josai University: Global Strategy of Hotel Industry

Tetsuo Nashiro, Sakushingakuin University: Winners in Video Game Industry

Discussant: John Cullen, Washingtont State University

RM 903

Symposium 2: Vincent Edwards, Buckinghamshire Business School/Buckinghamshire

Chilterns University College, Jenny Collyer, London Guildhall University & Gloria Lee,

Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College: The Multimedia Industry: Cottage, Craft,

Creativity and Copyright. An Analysis of the Multimedia Industry in Japan, the United

States and the United Kingdom

RM 908

Session 11: Cross Cultural Leadership and Teams

(Session Chair: Robert Taormina, Massey University)

Vimolwan Yukongdi, University of Newcastle, Austrailia: A Study of Teams in TQM Organizations

in Thailand

Frederick E. Schuster, Florida Atlantic University & Linda Wheeler, Flordia Atlantic University

Cultural Constraints on the Implementation of Employee-Centered Management

Steve Summer, University of Nebraska-Lincoln: Feedback Seeking Behavior in a

Cross-Cultural Perspective

Discussant: Mary Yoko Brannen, San Jose State University

9:45 am-11:15 am

RM 901

Session 13: Alliances II

(Session Co-Chairs: Koichi Ohizuhi, Nihon University & S. Nazli Wasti, Middle East Tech


Teruhisa Yamada, Yokohama Shoka University: Japanese Global Strategic Alliances

Steven Si, Dept.of Management-Concordia University & Garry Bruton, M.J. Neeley School of

Business/Dept. of Management Texas Christain University: Knowledge Learning, Cost

Economizing, and Competitive Positioning: IJV Motivation In Emerging Economics

Nikolai Wasilewski, Pepperdine University & Kurt Motamedi, Pepperdine University:

Transorganization Systems in the Global Arena: Developing Relations Among Organizations

Kent Neupert, Chinese University of Hong Kong & Shige Makino, Chinese University of Hong

Kong: National Culture, Transaction Costs, and the Choice Between JV and Wholly

Owned Subsidiary

Discussant: Daewoo Park, Xavier University

RM 908

Symposium 3: Regional Development I

(Session Co-Chairs: Keiki Fujita, Obelin University & Noritake Kobayashi, Syukutoku


Yasoi Yasuda, Tsukuba University: Comprehensive Evaluation of the Public Policy

for Making Solidified Fuel and Compost out of Waste-Case Study for Nogi Town,

Tochigi Prefecture,Japan

Masaaki Tamayama, Japan Macro-Engineers Society: Sight-seeing Business and


RM 907

Stuart Wells, San Jose State University: A workshop on the Nine Roles of the Whole

Brain Leader

RM 902

Session 14: International Human Resource Management

(Session Co-Chairs: Eiichi Ebisawa, Kanagawa University & Donna Wiley, California

State University-Hayward)

Hideki Yoshihara, Kobe University: Global Operations Managed by Japanese and

in Japanese

Heh Jason Huang, National Sun Yat-sen University & John Cullen, Washington State University:

The Western HRM paradigm in Taiwan: Its Impact on Labor Force Flexibility of Large


Irene Chow, The Chinese University of Hong Kong: Human Resource Management in China's

Township and Village Enterprises: Change and Development during the Economic

Reform Era

Bruce Drake, University of Portland: If We Really Cared About Employee Development

Old Hats-New Synergies

Discussant: Mark Mallinger, Pepperdine University

RM 903

Session 15: Culture, World Views & Management Systems

(Session Chair: Jo Sanzghi, California School of Professional Psychology)

Tadanori Okamura, Kyushu International University: Can Japanese Management

Survive in the 21st Century's World Business?

Tai Oh, California State University-Fullerton: The Pros and Cons of Confucian

Influence on East Asian Business Enterprises

Toyohiro Kono, Gakushuin University: Japanese Management System

Revisited-Strength, Problems and Misconceptions

Danaopoulos Comparative Perspective on Entrepreneurship

Discussant: Robert Taoramina, Massey University

RM 904

Session 16: Organizational Change

(Session Chair: Brian Bainbridge)

Tony Bovaird, Aston University: Cultural Influences on Quality and Performance

in Japanese Local Government

Yasuo Hoshino, University of Tsukuba & Yeh Tsung-Ming, University of Tsukuba:

The Performance of the Merging Firms in Taiwan

Hidetaka Aoki, Waseda University: Increasing Exceptional Promotion to President in

Japanese firms: Is it a Symptom of Emerging New Corporate Governance


Michael Carney, Concordia University & Eric Gedajlovic, Erasmus University & The Rotterdam:

School of Management: New Economy Adolescents: Obstacles To the Growth Of Knowledge

Intensive Enterprise In Southeast Asia

Discussant: Hugh Leonard

RM 905

Session 17: Educating the Workforce for the 21st Century

(Session Co-Chairs: Tomoaki Sakano, Waseda University & Masoud Kavoosii, Howard


Nan Maxwell, Exec. Director (HIRE) & Donna Wiley, California State University-Hayward: The

Labor Market for Entry Level Workers

Barbara Mahone Brown, San Jose State University:Teaching Global Leadership Online

Hiroji Takeda, President: Japan EC Institute: A Guide to the 21st Century Via

Business Administration

Ahmi Kim, Meiji University:Is Management Education (MBA) on the Right Track for Japanese?

Discussant: Andrew Delios, Hong Kong University


Dr. I. Nonaka-Granship


Lunch (on your own)


Company Tours-Hotel Century Lobby (meet at 1:50)


Special Symposium: Alan M. Glassman: Higher Education as a Global Industry:

Threads of Change


* Introduction:

Alan M. Glassman, California State University, Northridge

* Structural Alternatives

"New Structural Arrangements: The Case in the United States"

Gerard Rossy, California State University-Northridge, Mary Barton, Farrand

Research Inc.

"Emerging Global Partnerships and Alliances in Business

Schools" James Goodrich & Terry Young, Pepperdine University

"Unversities Without Walls: Paradigm Shift Or Passing Fad?" John

Hulpke, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

* Emergent Systems

"Life in the Vietamese Trenches: Building Business Education

From the Ground up" Nancy Napier, Boise State University

"Indonesian Higher Education: A Time of Transition", Richard

Moore, California State University-Northridge

"Managerial Talent: Challenges for Management Education

in China" Katherine Xin, Hong Kong University of Science & Tech

"Is Emergent Europe Different?: The Anglo-American College

in Prague, Joan Winn, University of Denver

* Discussant

"A Comparative Assessment of Japanese Higher Education"

Motofusa Muryama, Chiba University

8:00 pm-10:00 pm

Akachochin (local pubs with food)-Hotel Century Lobby (meet at 7:50)

9:00 pm-11:00 pm

Last Session-Executive Lounge-Hotel Century



Wednesday July 12, 2000

8:00am-12:00 noon


8:30 am-10:00 am

RM 901

Session 18: Strategy: The 21st Century

(Session Co-Chair: Kazuhide Okada, Senshu University)

Li Mingfang, California State University-Northridge & Yim-Yu Wong, San Francisco State :

University College of Business: Diversification and Performance Nexus: An Institutional

Environment and Firm Competencies Based Framework

Michael Waterhouse, University of Queensland, Brisbane Australia: Wealth Creation and

Distribution via The Organization Using Stakeholder Value

Lawrence Rhyne, San Diego State University & Penny Wright, San Diego State University:

Regional Models of Competitive Strategies: Convergence into the 21st Century?

James Ho, University of Illinois-Chicago: Business Models for E-commerce: Old Wine

in New Bottles?


RM 903

Session 20: Emerging/ Transitional Economies

(Session Chair: Yasuo Okamoto, Bunkyo Jyoshi University (Tokyo University))

Loizos Heracleous, University of Dublin: Does Ownership Matter? State-Owned Enterprises

and Privatization In the Singapore Experience

Bertrand Venard, ESSCA, France: Economic Transition without Political

Mutation: an Action Research in Vietnam

RM 902

Symposium 4: The Global Classroom & Web Apprenticeship

Ephraim Smith, V.P. of Academic Affairs, Dr. Thomas Klammer, Acting Dean, College of

Humanitites and Social Sciences, Dr. Anil Puri, Dean of College of Business & Econ., Dr. Harry

Norman, Dean, Division of Continuing Education-all participants are from California State

University-Fullerton, Ove Jobring, Viktoria Institute

RM 904

Workshop 2: Judith White, San Jose State University: Using Dialogue to Explore

Similarities and Differences

RM 905

Session 24: Multinational Enterprises

(Session Co-Chair: Mohammad Saeed, International Islamic University)

Hiroyuki Okamoto, Nihon University: Any Difference in the Organization of MNCs in

Accordance with Their Home Country? If Any, What is the Future?

Shigeru Komori, Cosmos International, Inc.: Studies of Strategy and Organization In A

Multinational Firm In Asia

Andre Delios, Hong Kong Unversity of Science & Management: The Timing of Foreign

Direct Investment of Japanese Firms

Jose Vargas, Universidad de Colima: Mexican Organizations in Transition

Julie Rowney, University of Calgary & Allan R. Cahoon, University of Calgary: Lessons

Learned: A Decade of Transition in Hungary


RM 901

Session 21: R&D Technology Transfer

(Session Co-Chairs: Tomoaki Sakano, Waseda University & V. Seshan, Pepperdine


Toshiyuki Taguchi, Shizuoka Sangyo University: The New R&D System and Management

Strategy by University-Industry Cooperation

Takahide Yamaguchi, Fukushima University: Study of a Mother Factory as the

International Technology Transfer System

Yoko Kagami, Komazawa University: Managing Strategic Alliances: In Terms of the

Shapely Values

Discussant: (Peter) Ping Li, California State University-Stanislaus

RM 904

Session 12: Emerging Issues in Financial Management

(Session Co-Chairs: Koichi Oizumi, Nippon University & Hajime Sakai, Aomori Chuo

Gakuin University)

Tsuneo Onozaki, Ryutsu Keizai University: Free Cash Flow Improvement Using Data

Mining Approach

Kazunori Kuwabara, Keio University: On the Problem of Debt Maturity Structure

Junko Uenishi, Shizuoka Sangyo University: Big Bang of Corporate Accounting in


Discussant: Li Mingfang, California State University-Northridge

RM 903

Session 23: Values & Ethics

(Session Co-Chairs: Haruo Murata, Momoyama Gakuin University & Christine Dara,

Howard University)

Barry Posner, Santa Clara University: What Does It Mean To Act With Integrity?

F. Neil Brady, Brigham Young University: Lining Up for Star-Wars Tickets: An Internet

Study of the Ethics of Queues

Yukiko Suzuki, Soka University: Global Corporate Strategy and Business Ethics

Discussant: Judith White, San Jose University

RM 902

Symposium 5: Regional Developments II: Japanese Macro-Engineering

(Session Chair: Keiki Fujita, Obelin University)

Mikio Kinoshita, Japan Macro-Engineers Society: A Desalination System using

Absorption Refrigerators in Arid Region

Masao Hayashi, Honorary Research Adviser of Central Research Institute of

Electric Power Industry: A Seismic Free Transmit Station Combined with

Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) and Mass Production of Ice and Cool

Water as Bi-production of the CAES-Original CAES by Means of Weighted

Bentonite Slurry

RM 905

Workshop 3: Sho Sekiya, Daito Bunka University: Applied System Model for Asian

Management System Improvement

Sho Sekiya, Daito Bunka University: The Concept of Stafford Beer's Viable System Model


Yukihisa Tsuchiya, Soka University: The Case Studies of the Autopoiesis of Asian Mangement

Yutaka Umezawa, Tokyo University: The Case Study of a Japanese Reengineering Processes

as a Means to Increasing Viability

Kensei Araya, Fukushima University: The Principle of Requisite Variety and the Problems of

Technology Management in Japan

Kenichi Uchiyama, Daito Bunka University: Rethinking of Beer's VSM from the "Actuality"

Point of View

Closing Party: Sun Restaurant (1st floor Granship)