Shuichi Ishida
Hiroaki Itakura
Shintaro Mohri

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1 issue per year (around the end of December every year.)

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About the Journal

International Journal of Japan Association for Management Systems (IJAMS) is an open-access scientific journal published on J-STAGE (https://www.jstage.jst.go.jp/static/pages/JstageOverview/-char/en), a platform for scholarly publications in Japan. It publishes academic papers with particular attention to management systems. IJAMS is the Japanese Association for Management Systems (JAMS) official journal.

Aims & Scope

The journal's scope of coverage includes product development and marketing, business modelling, strategic management and practical systems engineering in other related fields. In particular, the basic philosophy of JAMS, which owns IJAMS, is "designing management from a cross-sectional perspective of engineering, information and social sciences" and advocates the advancement of research in the field of management systems from a global perspective, contributing to the development of realistic and practical thinking and methods.
IJAMS is a refereed, multidisciplinary journal concerning management systems research in a broader meaning. Manuscripts of academic relevance in theoretical and practical applied research are published.
IJAMS provides an international opportunity to present academically rigorous empirical research and case studies. Theoretical research is not excluded.
IJAMS isn't considered multiple submissions or redundant publications.

Submission notes

Papers submitted must not have been previously published or be currently under consideration for publication elsewhere.
Conference papers may only be submitted if they have been completely rewritten and, if copyrighted, the necessary permissions have been obtained from the copyright holder. Practical reports and research notes are also eligible for publication if it is possible to provide the academic background.
All articles in the journal are reviewed on a double-blind basis.
All authors must declare that they have read and agree with the content of the ethical guidelines. Ethical guidelines for authors are given separately.
Submissions to the journal should be made in the format specified below and sent to the following email address.

Editorial Board

Shuichi Ishida, Tohoku University
Hiroaki Itakura, Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology
Shintaro Mohri, Kobe Gakuin University
Associate Editors
Hiroyuki Okuhara, Toyama Prefectural University
Takeshi Koide, Konan University
Sunhee Kwon, Meiji University
Masafumi Nakano, International Christian University
Osamu Sato, Tokyo Keizai University
Takaaki Hosoda, Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology
Yusuke Miyoshi, Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology
Satoru Goto, Ritsumeikan University
Yeongjoo Lim, Ritsumeikan University
Hideki Okui, Kurume University

Ethics Statement

IJAMS constantly takes a future-thinking approach to business management problems and expresses its commitment to cross-sectional management design from engineering, information and social sciences perspectives. Furthermore, its mission is to advance research in management systems from a global perspective and contribute to developing realistic and practical thinking and methods. Therefore, IJAMS adheres to the following Code of Ethics, internationally recognised norms, codes and conventions and relevant national legislation.
Research Attitude
Contributors to the IJAMS shall engage in professional research that contributes to the development of science and society and shall strive to maintain, improve and disseminate their professional knowledge. All contributors must also be aware of the scope of their specialised research and respect the technical study of other fields.
Awareness of Social Responsibility
Contributors to IJAMS must take responsibility for their words and actions as responsible agents of society. Contributors must also actively explain the significance of their research to the community and disclose the impact of their research findings on society and people's lives neutrally and objectively.
Contributors must respect individuals' human rights and personalities and deal with them impartially, without discrimination based on race, nationality, ideology, religion, sex, age, disability, status or affiliation.
Respect for Intellectual Property Rights
In their research, contributors must take great care not to infringe the intellectual property rights and academic results of others. In addition, when using intellectual property rights, such as copyrighted works, t must follow the necessary procedures by the rules.
Protection of Personal Data
Given the importance of respect for the personality of others and the protection of privacy, contributors must ensure that materials, data and information collected for research that can be used to identify individuals are not leaked, illegally transferred or disclosed.

Noteworthy Items

Expenses for Publication
The publication fee shall be JPY 15,000. If reprints are requested, the cost is JPY 30,000 per 100 copies (postage not included).
Subscription & Viewing Fees
Free of charge
Submission & Publication Formats
It is recommended that submissions are made in the following formats
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